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Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar

Every year on December 10th, the Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar Ceremony takes place. The award’s principles are the basic rights anchored in the German Constitution: freedom, equality and justice.

Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar 2020

Awardees 2020

Felicia K Monjeza and Fr. Jozef Jan Michel Kuppens

In its sitting on July 2nd 2020 the Advisory Committee decided that Rev. Father Jozef Jan Michel Kuppens and Felicia K Monjeza (Netherlands/Malawi) will be presented with the Human Rights Award oft he City of Weimar 2020. For many people living in Malawi, working on tabacco plantations is the only chance to survive. Workers and families are being exploited in slavery-like manners. About 78,000 children are working in the fields. They absorb huge amounts of nicotine on a daily basis, which is hindering their development and causing permanent damage. About 50% of all women and girls become victims of sexual abuse while working on the plantations. As director of the Center of Social Concern, Ms. Jos Kuppens was campaigning against the exploitation of population groups, especially tobacco workers and their families in Malawi, for many years. Felicia K Monjeza, member of the Catholic Women's Organisation, has been raising awareness on the dangers to underage girls and women concerning sexual exploitation on plantations for years, is providing educational work and organizing campaigns against various forms of violence. Father Jos Kuppens and Felicia K Monjeza are fighting against those massive violations of human rights by installing projects indicating alternatives to tobacco production. Because of their commitment, they are repeatedly subjected to repression - often by official bodies. The proposal was submitted by missio Aachen.

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