Siena is situated in the heart of the Italian Tuscany and has been one of Weimar’s twin towns since 1994. One year after the town twinning was agreed, in November 1995, the first delegation travelled from Weimar to Siena with 800 participants. Over the next years there were many events promoting cultural and touristic exchange in the context of the town twinning.

Siena is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. North of Siena, there is the Chianti wine-growing area, Florence is about 80 kilometers from Siena. The medieval city has been listed Unesco cultural heritage since 1995.

Siena is known for the Palio, a traditional horse race, which is very popular in Italy. Twice a year, on 2nd July and on 16th August, the city neighbourhoods compete on the Piazza del Campo.

At Siena University, founded as early as the 13th century, about 20,000 students are enrolled today. In Siena, there are numerous monuments of the gothic architecture, such as the cathedral or the Palazzo Pubblico, the oldest town hall of Italy.

Town twinning agreement

After the consul general of Italy, Dr. Renzo Pannacchioni, suggested a town twinning between Weimar and Siena in March 1993, the town twinning agreement was signed in Siena on 15th April 1994.

Organized visits

November 1995: For the first time, 850 Weimar residents travel to Siena by chartered train. They visit their twin town from 9th until 12th November 1995.


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Geographic coordinates:
43°20' N, 11°20' E

12th century


118 sq km

Lord Mayor:
Luigi De Mossi

Twin Towns:

  • Avignon (Frankreich)
  • Wetzlar (Deutschland)
  • Weimar (Deutschland)

Distance Siena - Weimar: 
1110 km