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"No other city has such a long lasting relationship with Weimar as Hämeenlinna. This is amazing, after all, Weimar and this beautiful city in the land of a thousand lakes are separated by 1,810 kilometers air-line distance." (Stefan Wolf, Lord Mayor of Weimar)

The town twinning between Weimar and Hämeenlinna was officially agreed as early as September 1970. The Finnish city thus became Weimar‘s first twin town – there had already been first contacts in 1959. Since that time, town twinning activities took place on a regular basis, and there was also an organized visit of 400 Weimar residents to the city in the South of Finland.

Beginning of the town twinning

After first contacts and projects in 1959, the town twinning agreement was signed on 6th September 1970. Therefore Hämeenlinna is Weimar’s first twin town

Organized visits

June 1998: From 18th until 23th June 1998, about 400 Weimar residents visited Hämeenlinna. They also stopped off at Sweden’s capital Stockholm


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