War in Ukraine

Support services and initial information for refugees from Ukraine

Information for arriving refugees from Ukraine

  • Residence: Ukrainian citizens can enter Germany without a visa and stay here for up to 90 days without a residence permit. As a short-term solution for Ukrainian citizens who are currently staying in Wemar without a visa, there is the possibility of obtaining an extension of stay for another 90 days through the foreigners authority due to the exceptional situation.
  • Opening a bank account: The opening of a basic account at credit institutions supervised by BaFin (e.g. Sparkasse) is possible with a valid Ukrainian identity card. The Sparkasse at Graben 4 in Weimar has set up a special time slot for Ukrainians: Basic accounts can be opened here every Wednesday from 1 pm.
  • Free phone calls: Refugees from Ukraine receive a free SIM card from Telekom for phone calls within the EU and to Ukraine. More information:
  • Job search: Every Tuesday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., the reception desk at the Weimar Job Center is open especially for inquiries from Ukrainian refugees. An interpreter is present on site. Refugees who already have received an application for basic benefits for jobseekers are asked to send the application by mail to the Jobcenter (postal address Jobcenter Weimar, Eduard-Rosenthal-Str. 43, 99423 Weimar or use the mailbox at the entrance - Jobcenter Weimar).
    The normal counseling services and discussions with the employment agent take place at the Jobcenter by appointment only. Appointments can be made by phone at (03643) 451 2970.
  • Medical care: Refugees from Ukraine are entitled to medical care even if they have not yet been officially registered. In this case, patients will receive a private prescription, which will then be submitted to the city administration and processed. The official registration of the refugees takes place afterwards. The costs for the doctor's visit are covered.

Information for those willing to help from Weimar for Ukraine Aid

Donation account

The municipality of Weimar has set up a donation account for Ukraine aid. The money collected will be used to buy medical products, such as bandages and medicines.

IBAN DE36 8205 1000 0301 0020 29


Central Thuringia Savings Bank

Reason for payment: "Donation Ukraine

If a donation receipt is required, please include your address in the reason for payment.

General donations in kind are not recommended unless there is a specific need. There are campaigns by various organisations for this purpose.

It is also possible to make living space available for accommodation. Anyone who would like to do this can register in the online form linked above.

Further information on entry and residence of Ukrainians in Germany