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School, Family and recreational time

The pediatrists Dipl.-Med. Gösta Wesarg, Annegret Wolfschmidt , Dirk Rühling, Dr. med. Sandra Behr, Dr. med. Sinje Ruppert, Dr. med. Friederike Rühling und Dr. med. Catherin Lipinski offer consultations via video over internet. 

Online consultations

In case of conflicts or problems you and your children can reach for example the service for the protection of children and youths / Kinder- und Jugendschutzdienst Känguru. You can reach them Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

phone: 03643 - 850700

Also the psychological service at school / schulpsychologischer Dienst is still working and can help with any problems concerning school:

Phone at the registration desk of the school administration: 03643/ 884 110


Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are kept under quarantine and the matter of wages must be clarified with the employer.

Please call the nursing home before any visiting!

The general rules of hygiene (especially regarding sneezing and coughing), social distancing (1,5m) apply. You are not allowed to enter these facilities without a face mask.