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The Thüringer Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Digitale Gesellschaft (Thuringian Ministry for Economy, Science and Digital Society) has set up a hotline for businesses:

0800 / 534 56 76

IHK Erfurt and the Thüringer Aufbaubank have created the pages below with information on the coronavirus: 


Thüringer Aufbaubank

Press release from the Thüringer Ministeriums für Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Digitale Gesellschaft

Employers who have been affects can apply for reduced-hours compensation electronically through the unemployment agency:


In addition to this, the hotline is available to all employers in the case of any questions:

0800 4 55 55 20 (toll-free)

The hotline is currently experiencing an extremely high volume of calls, so please also try our second number:

0361 / 3021612

The Deutsche Gewerkschaftsbund (German Trade Union Confederation) (DGB) has created a page for employees with answers to important questions regarding the coronavirus:


Those who are self-employed and suffer a loss of earnings due to a mandated quarantine are typically entitled to financial compensation.

If an employee is required to go into quarantine because of a COVID-19 infection or a suspected COVID-19 infection, they will receive financial compensation from the employer for up to six weeks. A confirmed case of the coronavirus will be treated as a standard illness case under labour laws. The laws on wage entitlement in the event of illness apply.

The employer will continue to pay the employee's wages as usual. The employer can apply for financial
compensation through the Thuringian State Administration Office by submitting proof of the employee’s
quarantine order.

Companies and other organizations can prevent the spread of viruses by adhering to the normal hygiene standards. This means using paper towels, disinfectant, and keeping keyboards and surfaces clean.